Who wants to be the next H.R. McMaster?

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Would you work for Donald Trump? 

Let’s say you’re a near 40-year Army veteran, silver star winner, and one of the most celebrated soldiers of the Iraq War. You wrote a book, Dereliction of Duty, about the failure of military officers to be honest with their civilian leaders and the lies that led our country into the Vietnam War. 

You get a request from the commander-in-chief. He wants you to be the national security adviser. As an active military officer, it’s difficult to turn down a request from a superior officer. You probably feel it’s your duty to your country.

On the other hand,  what might you be asked to do? Take a loyalty oath? Start a war to cover up for someone’s incompetence? Lend your credibility to that of a conspiracy theorist?

Is this why the White House is having so much trouble filling positions? Maybe Rep. Jason Chaffetz was smart to recognize a no-win situation and leave when he did. Who wants to be the next H.R. McMaster?