While Republicans try to destroy everything, let’s keep up the resistance, make Obamacare work

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There are just two weeks left in Obamacare open enrollment in most states. Enrollments have been strong, even during the week of Thanksgiving, and that’s despite popular vote loser Donald Trump’s best efforts to sabotage it. Get America Covered, the group formed by former Obama administration staffers and allies has the latest update.

Enrollment continues to outpace previous years. Relative to last year, another steady week of enrollment means that average daily new consumers is 44% higher and daily returning consumer enrollment is up by 33%. However, the increase in sign-ups compared to last year is starting to get smaller. Remember, due to the shortened open enrollment period, new consumer enrollment must significantly outpace last year for a comparable number of people to sign up this year as signed up last year.

Historically, the week of Cyber Monday we see a significant increase in the pace of enrollment. Last year, 85% more people enrolled in Week 5 compared to Week 4 — and the pace of new consumers enrolling picks up even faster with 135% more new enrollments in Week 5. As we’ve said before, we expect the administration’s decision to significantly cut advertising and outreach will play out during these final three weeks. Not only does the impact of advertising build over time as people see more ads, the majority of the outreach spending is reserved for the final weeks before a deadline when young and healthy people are more likely to enroll.

We’ve got to finish this out strong. It’s the best rebuke of everything Republicans are trying to do to the nation because it pokes them directly in the eye on the issue they’ve been obsessing over for seven years. There’s no better way to tell them, finally, “hands off Obamacare” than making it work.

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