Watch Trump voters express regret, disappointment: ‘He couldn’t be any worse at achieving goals’

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Donald Trump’s troubles appear to be mounting as many of his own voters have finally had enough. In a focus group of Pittsburgh Trump voters, many expressed shock, disappointment and deep regret over their vote for Trump. Here are a few of the highlights (or lowlights) from the transcript of the focus group. Watch their Q&A in the brief video below.

He’s failed to learn on the job and/or delegate:

As much as I thought he would be a quick learner and delegate to top-notch individuals, he hasn’t done that.

He might be slightly insane:

We know he’s a nut. Everybody knew he’s a nut, but there comes a point in time where you need to become professional. He’s not even professional let alone presidential. Chill out, man.

He really could not be any worse at achieving political goals:

Because regardless of what he truly wants to get done, whatever that may be, he has got to be his own worst enemy. He couldn’t be any worse at achieving goals in politics. What most disappoints me is he’s such an incredibly flawed individual that has articulated many of the values I hold dear and the messenger is overwhelming the message. I wish he was on the opposite side of where I hold dear, because it would be better for the causes that I like.