Wanted: Chief of staff, apply at White House

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New White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci threatened to call the FBI on White House chief of staff Reince Priebus for the high crime of releasing the Mooch’s top-secret financial disclosure form. Only Priebus didn’t release it: the form was public. And Scaramucci humiliated himself in front of everyone. Scaramucci also phoned up a reporter, called his colleague a fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac,” then followed up by forcing news agencies across the world to worry about whether auto-fellatio is a hyphenated term.

So clearly someone is in trouble. And it’s Preibus. Because … look, Scaramucci is a foul-mouthed Goldman Sachs alum who worked in the private wealth financial group teaching billionaires how to hide their bundles, and who just sold his international hedge fund to Chinese investors in a controversial deal that’s still under investigation but could net the Mooch better than $100 million. Reince Priebus is … from Wisconsin. Done.

Donald Trump is totally loving Scaramucci’s attack. And with both Mooch and Kellyanne Conway informing Priebus and all those staffers who came from the RNC that they should start boxing up their desks, it’s time to look at the next candidates for White House chief of staff.

Chief of staff is generally thought of as the most powerful role in the White House. However, in the Donald Trump regime, it’s been slightly downgraded to somewhere between the guy that loads the official Trump Tower Taco Bowl for delivery on Marine One and the woman who scrubs the spittle flecks off the Resolute Desk. So … clearly a plum job.

Scaramucci himself was supposedly brought into the White House as a potential Reince-placement. And now that he’s nearing two weeks in his current job, it is clearly getting to be time to move along. Conway is also on the chief of staff short list. She could probably do that and keep her current job—it’s not as if adding Reince’s heavy load of fuming about being ignored would take a big chunk out of anyone’s day.

But there are other candidates.