Trump’s top advisers have been allowed to testify in private—and we still don’t know all they said

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How do you keep Donald Trump’s basket of fragile eggs from being cracked on national TV? The first step, and actually the only step, is a simple one: Keep them off of TV.

Frustrated Democrats now say they’ve all but given up on their past vows to question the younger Trump before a national audience. The same goes for several other key Trump insiders whom, Democrats complain, Republicans have hidden from the klieg lights in order to protect the president.

Why did Dianne Feinstein have to release the Fusion GPS transcripts? Because Republicans made sure that the Fusion hearing, though not classified, was held out of sight, under lock and key, where no one could get a peek at the proceedings and they could have complete control over what information squeaked out to the public … that is, until Dianne Feinstein ripped off at least that one blindfold and let a little light into an investigation that Republicans have been very careful to hide.

When it comes to Trump’s campaign staff and transition team, Republicans have readily agreed to terms that kept them out of the public view and shielded them from the embarrassment of airing their idiocy for all to see.

Despite lawmakers’ pledges last year that other top Trump associates would also be questioned in open hearings before the cameras, none have done so — and, given talk among congressional Republicans of wrapping up their investigations, it looks increasingly likely they will not.

Those “lawmakers’ pledges” came from not just Democrats, but Republicans. Of course, that was before all the Republicans reviewed their “Bread, which side is buttered?” files. So we’ve yet to see the top members of Trump’s team spend a minute answering questions in public. 

Considering the huge difference between what Republicans had claimed about the Fusion GPS hearings and what was really on the transcripts, that should be a massive cause for concern. And a big reason for Democrats to act on their own.