Trump’s string of failures have Republicans divided … and some are ready for a GOP civil war

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If one thing is clear about Donald Trump’s presidency so far, it’s that he’s not winning. That fact leaves his allies and supporters divided on how to respond. There are those who will criticize Trump … if reporters keep their names secret:

At the end of a week in which the party failed in its promise to repeal former President Barack Obama’s health care law, one Washington lobbyist, who did not want to be identified as being critical of the president, said he and others were frustrated, appalled and scared.

The concern, the lobbyist said, is that without sustained White House leadership — the kind that is in short order — complicated legislation like a tax overhaul or rolling back banking regulations will not be accomplished.

There are those who are still in full excuse-making mode:

“He’s made some mistakes,” Mr. Trillo said of Mr. Trump. “He didn’t have political experience, and I think some of the biggest mistakes are some of the people he has surrounded himself with.”

And there are those who just want Trump to go to war with Congress, including his own party:

Corey Stewart, a conservative immigration activist in Virginia who nearly captured the party’s nomination for governor this year, encouraged Mr. Trump to take the fight more aggressively to intransigent Republicans.

“He’s been remarkably patient,” said Mr. Stewart, who has announced that he will run for Senate in 2018. “I think he needs to play a little bit more rough with the Republican establishment in the House and Senate.”

Yes, “patient” is Donald Trump’s middle name. But by all means, Trump should take Stewart’s advice and go to war with his own party. It would be good for popcorn company sales, anyway.