Trump supporting, anti-Black Lives Matter Cleveland police union president voted out

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In a very close election, Cleveland’s police union president Steve Loomis was ousted from his position and replaced by previous police union president Jeff Follmer. Most recently, Loomis might be remembered for his attacks on Cleveland Brown football players who have chosen to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem. But Mr. Loomis is also well known for trying to fight against more regulations on police who pull out their guns and point them at civilians by saying that these officers’ lives were being threatened by paperwork. He really did. explains that it was his never-ending railing against Tamir Rice and the unprecedented move of having the union vote to endorse Donald Trump for president.

Campaign Action

He defended the officers involved, routinely railing against the city’s settlement with the Rice family, and he also appealed the firing of officer Timothy Loehmann who fired the fatal shot the killed Tamir.

Loomis has made headlines for several controversial issues, including having the union vote, and endorse, Donald Trump for President. It was the first time in the union’s history that it endorsed a presidential candidate, sparking outrage from the Cleveland Police’s Black Shield, a separate union that represents black officers.

The vote to endorse Trump only brought out 284 officers, according to, about a sixth as many people who came out to vote for the union president this past Tuesday.