Trump loves women so much, he’s trying to make it near impossible for them to report sexual abuse

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In the wake of the many sexual harassment and assault allegations that have come to light over the past few weeks, women and our experiences are being placed front in center of the political and social dialogue of the nation. This could offer a pivotal opportunity for the advancement of women’s rights. Except for one thing—Republicans, especially the leader of their party who resides in the White House, truly hate women. And they’ve been working hard in the last ten months to make it even more difficult for women to report their experiences of abuse and discrimination. 

The clearest example came in March. It received little coverage at the time. President Donald Trump reversed an Obama-era order that forbid federal contractors from keeping secret sexual harassment and discrimination cases. The 2014 rule prohibited these companies, which employ about 26 million people, from forcing workers to resolve complaints through arbitration, an increasingly common method businesses use to settle disputes out of the public eye. […]

The attack so far has seen the most success via executive order, but a vast swath of the public policies proposed or endorsed by administration officials attempt to scale back women’s rights. From Trump’s repeal of executive orders meant to reduce pay discrimination to the budget floated in May, the failed repeal of Obamacare, and now the Republican tax bills, actions taken or backed by this administration harm women.

An self-proclaimed sexual assaulter who likes to grab women by their private parts without consent, Trump has at least 13 women who have accused him of sexual misconduct or assault. And his misogyny dates back decades—with very public battles with women who turn him down or call him out for being the vile human being he is. Not one to demonstrate restraint or subtlety, when he is challenged by a woman, he resorts to calling us fat and pigs.

It’s astounding how any woman could support this administration. And yet so many of them do. Even as he continues to do everything in his power to devalue our lives.