Trump finally gets message he’s sucking on Puerto Rico relief, deploys FEMA director to explain

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Donald Trump has finally had the realization that he isn’t getting “tremendous reviews” on his administration’s recovery and relief efforts in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. How do we know? The White House deployed his FEMA director and Department of Homeland Security chief Tuesday afternoon to explain why Americans are seeing pleas of “S.O.S. We need water/food!!” from flyovers of Puerto Rico on their television screens.


A “sign of stepped up efforts” is the decidedly glass-half-full version of events. More than likely, it’s a product of Trump cursing at his TV set after Fox News aired a not-so-flattering segment on his lackluster Puerto Rico relief efforts Monday night. After ignoring the U.S. territory for days, Trump spent the bulk of Tuesday explaining that his administration has been having a difficult time getting aid to Puerto Rico since it’s “in the middle of the ocean.” Some crackerjack in the White House comms department finally realized that Trump remarking “This is a thing called the Atlantic Ocean … tough stuff,” wasn’t really getting the job done.

Time to send out FEMA director Brock Long.