There’s a lot of rumors about DACA right now, so the important thing to do is to keep fighting

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Fox News is reporting that “senior administration officials” have said Donald Trump “intents to end” the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program as soon as Friday, but as the National Immigration Law Center noted, “this is a speculative, thinly sourced report. There has been no official announcement.” McClatchy also reports:

President Donald Trump is expected to end an Obama-era program that shielded young people from deportation, but he will likely let the immigrants known as Dreamers stay in the United States until their work permits run out, according to multiple people familiar with the policy negotiation.

Beware that spin, America’s Voice notes:If the Administration ends the renewal of work permits and deportation protections for current DACA beneficiaries, and refuses to accept new applications for DACA, the impact will be profound and immediate. It will upend lives. Around 1,400 young people will lose their jobs every single day over the next two years. 

And as immigrant rights activists have speculated, a reason why the Trump administration continues to delay announcing a decision is because they know how unpopular ending the program will be among Americans overall.  Also remember that late last week that similar rumors swept through immigrant communities, and this is an m.o. of white supremacists and anti-immigrant figures—to continuously instill fear.

The fact is no final decision has been announced on DACA yet, and because these are all rumors, the most important thing you can do is to keep fighting, keep pressuring Donald Trump and members of Congress, and keep urging the continuation of this vital program. Click here to help defend DACA.