The Largest Wind Farm in the U.S. Is Growing in Oklahoma. It’s a Sign of the Times

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A new wind farm that could become the largest in the U.S. will be taking shape across the blustery plains of the Oklahoma Panhandle over the next three years, helping to wean four Southern states off of electricity produced with climate-polluting coal.

American Electric Power (AEP) and wind developer Invenergy plan to complete a $4.5 billion wind farm called the Wind Catcher Energy Connection by 2020, along with a 350-mile electric power line. The project, announced this week, will supply Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas with 9 million megawatt hours of wind power, enough electricity for about 800,000 homes.

A wind farm near Weatherford, Okla.
Credit: Travel Aficionado/flickr

AEP’s announcement is a sign that electric