The health care quest ends, but the GOP blame game has only just begun

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Not it! That’s the collective cry of some 240 House Republicans, 49 Senate Republicans, and one GOP pr*sident.

“They’ve been working on that for seven years,” Trump remarked Friday during a speech, indicting the entire Republican Congress. “Can you believe that?”

Well, yes, actually, offered Republican Rep. Charlie Dent of New York, who had his eye on a different culprit.

“One of the issues was the president never really laid out core principles and didn’t sell them to the American people,” Dent said Friday morning during an interview aired on MSNBC.

Other GOP members of the House pointed fingers at the upper chamber.

“The House did its job… The Senate needs to deliver,” said Rep. Steve Russell (R-Okla.), on his way into the morning meeting. “We’re all on this plane, and if it crashes, we all go down together.”

Iowa Rep. Steve King went straight for the jugular and named names.

Among the votes saving ObamaCare last night was Lisa Murkowski’s. Murkowski is a Senator who was initially appointed to her position by her father, and whose 2010 write-in campaign was essentially a revolt against GOP primary voters.”

“As a final point, John McCain recently told the Senate he would return and ‘give all of you cause to regret the nice things you said about me.’ He kept his word.”

As did Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama.

“We need new leadership in the United State Senate,” said Brooks, who is running for an open Alabama Senate seat. “If Mitch McConnell cannot get the job done, then those 52 senators need to get together and try to figure out who amongst them has the leadership capability to get the job done.”