Scott Pruitt to be investigated for turning EPA into his personal travel agency

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As Attorney General of Oklahoma, Scott Pruitt took millions from oil and gas companies to put their letters on official state letterhead. As head of Trump’s bizarro world EPA, Pruitt has found an easier source of personal funds—your wallet. He’s working hard at turning the EPA into the PEA—the Pruitt Expense Account.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s office of inspector general plans to look into whether Administrator Scott Pruitt adhered to agency policies when he traveled to Oklahoma dozens of times during his first six months as administrator.

Everyone likes to be home, but if it’s this vital to be 1,500 miles from Washington, perhaps taking a job in Washington is simply not the right choice.

Pruitt reportedly traveled to Oklahoma 43 days, or nearly half of all days during March, April, and May 2017, at a cost of more than $15,000.

But of course, Pruitt wasn’t just visiting his house so he could down some beans and BBQ.

Records indicate Pruitt, who served as the state’s attorney general until getting confirmed as EPA administrator in February, attended “informational meetings” during his trips to Oklahoma.

Of course he does. The same way that Donald Trump has “working vacations” at his golf course. Meanwhile, as Pruitt is working diligently to destroy the Environmental Protection Authority’s ability to actually protect the environment, he never hesitates to spend when it comes to protecting Scott Pruitt.