San Juan mayor blasts Trump admin: ‘This is a people are dying story! Where is the good news?’

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CNN New Day host Alisyn Camerota interviewed San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz about the slow relief efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Mayor Cruz first began the interview by saying she was thankful for a call from the White House and was hopeful rescue efforts would begin taking shape and then Camerota asked Cruz how she felt about Homeland Security Acting Director Elaine Duke’s comments that relief efforts were going well and it was a “good news story.” A visibly stunned Cruz paused for a moment and said, “he said that?” Camerota played the clip for Cruz and her response decimated the “good news story” that the Trump administration has been pushing. 

This is truly a must-watch interview. The people of Puerto Rico need and deserve every single resource we have available. Video and transcript are below.