Russian ‘lobbyist’ from Trump Tower meeting appears before Mueller’s grand jury

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The Associated Press is reporting that, some time in the last few weeks, Russian lobbyist and “former” spy, Rinat Akhmetshin, appeared before the grand jury convened by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. 

A grand jury used by Special Counsel Robert Mueller has heard secret testimony from a Russian-American lobbyist who attended a June 2016 meeting with President Donald Trump’s eldest son, The Associated Press has learned.

Akhmetshin was the “eighth man” at the meeting, the last person to be identified in a group that included Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, along with five representatives of Russian developers offering information to be used against Hillary as part of a what one of those representatives called a Russian government program to help Donald Trump.

Though Ahkmetshin insists that he’s a lobbyist, he’s done little to cover his many connections to Russian intelligence.

He has an association with a former deputy head of a Russian spy service, the F.S.B., and a history of working for close allies of President Vladimir V. Putin. Twice, he has worked on legal battles for Russian tycoons whose opponents suffered sophisticated hacking attacks, arousing allegations of computer espionage. 

Ahkmetshin has connections to the FSB, Putin, and hackers. And he was there at a meeting where not only was Trump promised inside info on Clinton, the meeting happened at around the same time as the DNC hack.