‘Roy who?’ Most Senate Republicans suddenly have never heard of Roy Moore

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It’s a good thing the Senate has really great health care, because there’s an epidemic of amnesia infecting the Republicans in the body. Almost none of them have any memory of their party’s new nominee for the Senate in Alabama or his decades of extremist, fringe political positions. When it comes to Roy Moore, they’re a blank slate.

What about Moore’s history of racially insensitive comments? Haven’t heard anything. Homophobic remarks? Nada. Moore’s claim that some American communities are living under Sharia law? Crickets. Moore’s statement that 9/11 happened “because we’ve distanced ourselves from God”? Nothing for you on that. Moore’s assertion that Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress because he’s a Muslim? We’ll get back to you. Moore saying Mitch McConnell should be replaced as Senate majority leader? Uhh, zip. […]

“I don’t know anything about Roy Moore,” said Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). “If I’ve read anything he’s said, I wouldn’t have any recollection of it.”

“I don’t know him. I think I’ll leave it there,” said Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who laughed when asked about Moore. “I supported Luther Strange.”

“I’ve never met the gentleman,” said Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson. “Being from Georgia, which is next to Alabama, I’ve heard his name in the Alabama Supreme Court. I know what I’ve seen on TV and what I’ve read in the papers.”

So what does Isakson think about Moore? “I like to keep my comments to my own.”

Mississippi’s Sen. Roger Wicker doesn’t recall if he ever met Moore, and if he did it had to have been years ago, he insists. Wyoming’s John Barasso just doesn’t know what to think about the racist comments Moore has spouted, saying he can’t make up his mind until he sees them. But his larger priority? “I want to make sure we hold the seat. I want to make sure he wins in Alabama.” Dean Heller, who has a tough year ahead of him defending his Nevada seat, insists he didn’t even know there was a special election in Alabama this week. “Who won? I wasn’t paying attention,” Heller said. “I’m just worried about taxes.” Uh-huh.