Roger Stone fingers his secret WikiLeaks connection … maybe

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During the campaign, former Trump adviser Roger Stone often seemed to have astounding insight into what WikiLeaks was going to do next. 

Roger Stone
21 August 2016

“It will soon be John Podesta’s time in the barrel.”

Stone has since been bounced from Twitter, but though he seemed to be able to predict upcoming WikiLeaks information with uncanny accuracy and originally said he had talked to founder Julian Assange, Stone later denied any contact.

Stone has repeatedly and publicly denied that he had any contact with Russian officials during the campaign. Stone declined to answer questions from CNN for this story. After this story was published, WikiLeaks tweeted, “WikiLeaks & Assange have repeatedly confirmed that they have never communicated with Stone.”

As it turns out, “never communicated” was not quite true. In the sense that it was a total lie.

On Tuesday, however, Randy Credico, a New York comedian and political activist who hosts his own radio show, tweeted a picture of a congressional subpoena compelling him to appear on Dec. 15 before the House Intelligence Committee investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. According to sources familiar with the investigation, Credico has been identified as the intermediary between Stone and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and will face questions from investigators about those relationships.

Russia to Assange. Assange to Credico. Credico to Stone. Stone to ???