Rex Tillerson’s State Department ‘redesigner’ quits after three months on the job

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While Secretary of State Rex Tillerson feuds with Ivanka Trump, things inside his State Department continue to look a bit grim.

The senior official charged with remaking the State Department in Secretary Rex Tillerson’s image has resigned after three months on the job, an agency spokesman confirmed to NBC on Monday.

That official, Maliz Beams, is bailing out; now the “Redesign” effort will apparently be tossed onto Tillerson’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Christine Ciccone. As of yet the only notable “Redesign” outcomes are (1) that Rex Tillerson still isn’t operating with a full staff and (2) nonpartisan State officials are fleeing the agency at a brisk pace. This is all part of the plan, says the administration. What the United States needs is a bigger military and considerably fewer diplomats.

In general, when a nation begins to build up its military forces while simultaneously culling its ranks of diplomats and negotiators, we consider that a Bad Thing. We generally call the foreign leaders who do such things rude names, and put those nations on official lists of various sorts. But no matter.

For months, the nation’s papers have been reporting on morale problems, resignations, staffing failures, and other turmoil in the State Department. This, right here, demonstrates how far above his head Rex Tillerson is:

Tillerson, for his part, has denied that spirits at the department are low.

“I walk the halls, people smile,” he told Bloomberg in October. “If it’s as bad as it seems to be described, I’m not seeing it, I’m not getting it.”

But this is the very definition of a bad manager.