Open thread for night owls. Driftglass: Donald Trump is 100% Republican. So is Roy Moore

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Driftglass writes—Donald Trump: 100% Republican. An excerpt:

Donald Trump is a petty, vindictive, racist ignoramus and pathological liar who resonates powerfully with the base of the Republican party for the simple reason that they are, in the main, petty, vindictive ignorami who have been trained by decades of conditioning via Fox News and Hate Radio to mindlessly accept as gospel any comforting bullshit that comes from the mouths of pathological Republican liars.

I don’t know how many different ways we can say it.

A = C
B = C
Therefor A = B.

Trump is the Party and the Party is Trump.   How much walloping-them-in-the-head-with-a-shovel does this has to be before the media will start speaking of our national political disaster in those terms?

How about this?

Moore is the Party and the Party is Moore.

And since this is obviously and empirically true, the inevitable next question is equally obvious and inexorable: Why does our Fourth Estate — an American civic institution unique among all others in that it literally exists for no other purpose than keeping the public informed of critical facts, issues and events, especially in times of danger — categorically refuse to accept this obviously and empirically demonstrable fact as true, and then proceed from there?

In this matter, I am as one with Brother Charlie Pierce. 


I’m Out of Empathy. I’m Out of Pity. I’m Out of Patience.

Roy Moore is a lawless theocratic lunatic, and those who support him are destroying our democracy. 

Any report about Roy Moore that doesn’t specifically refer to him as a right-wing extremist is not worth your time. No more “firebrand.” No more impotent yap about his “controversial views.” Roy Moore is an extremist or the word no longer has meaning. If, as appears likely, he gets elected to the Senate from Alabama, then a majority of Alabama voters are extremists, too. If he gets elected, then the Republican Party ever more should be referred to as an extremist party. That, of course, is if we’re being honest about what’s really going on in this country in 2017.

But of course we’re not being honest about what’s really going on in 2017, are we?

In fact, it would be fair to say that our corporate news media now devotes a significant fraction of the enormous resources at its command to making god damn certain that we never talk about what’s really going on in 2017 — that, as I have mentioned once or twice before, the GOP is a machine built to destroy the federal government and eliminate taxes for the wealthy, and all else is mere commentary.

Which is exactly how a once-great nation ends up with a lying, racist, pig-ignorant Republican madman in the White House.

A lawless theocratic Republican lunatic well on his way to the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.  



“The subjects of every state ought to contribute towards the support of the government, as nearly as possible, in proportion to their respective abilities; that is, in proportion to the revenue which they respectively enjoy under the protection of the state.”
~Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations, Book V, Chapter 2 (1776)




At Daily Kos on this date in 2007Resolution Condemning Limbaugh to be Introduced on Monday:

It appears that Representative (and Senate candidate) Mark Udall will be introducing a resolution on Monday which would seek to condemn Rush Limbaugh’s obscene attack on the integrity and patriotism of American service members.

I wouldn’t expect this resolution to pass, as I don’t expect many — if any —Republicans to vote for it. But from my perspective, the point of this resolution isn’t to receive a majority vote, or even really to condemn Limbaugh.  After all, a great number of us in the Democratic Party don’t believe that the United States Congress should be in the business of “condemning” the speech of American citizens. As I see it, the point of this exercise is: 1) to highlight the hypocrisy of those Republicans who would vote to condemn the speech of MoveOn, but not that of America’s Favorite Chickenhawk — even as he smeared rank-and-file service members — and 2) to make sure that those Democrats who saw fit to publicly condemn their ally on the floor of Congress are willing to do the same to a man who despises them and the Democratic Party.

In light of those goals, I hope that all of us in the netroots will honor and respect the decision of those Democrats who choose to vote against both the MoveOn and Limbaugh resolutions.  They’re taking a responsible, ethical, and consistent position.  As for Democrats who voted for the MoveOn resolution, but vote against the Limbaugh resolution?  Well, let’s just hope that there aren’t any.

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