New hearings demanded on Trump’s vote-suppressing, lying judicial nominees

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Campaign Action

Popular vote loser Donald Trump is setting all the records for identifying unqualified judicial nominees, largely because he’s selecting from a pool of far-right extremists. In some instances, like with the ghost hunter Brett Talley who has never argued a case in court, they’re amusing. But in every case, they’re dangerous. Like this guy, Thomas Farr, a former lawyer for Sen. Jesse Helms and an active participant in voter suppression, who seems to have lied to the Judiciary Committee about those activities.

A former federal attorney, Gerald Hebert, investigated complaints in 1990 that the Helms campaign was conducting a postcard campaign intended to intimidate black voters and keep them away from the polls. The campaign sent more than 100,000 cards to mostly black neighborhoods, telling voters they may be ineligible to vote and telling them that trying to vote would open them to prosecution.

Hebert told the INDY Wednesday that he learned about the role Farr played planning the postcards when responding to complaints to the Justice Department about the 1990 senatorial campaign of the late North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms.

A meeting planning “ballot security” efforts—including the intimidating postcards—included Farr and took place in mid-October before the November election between Helms, who won, and then-Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt, Hebert says, referring to contemporaneous handwritten notes.

“We talked to Farr, and he confirmed a lot of what we’d heard,” Hebert told the INDY Wednesday. “I don’t think he can really claim that the first he heard of it from a Justice Department letter.”

Yet that’s exactly what he did.

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, asked Farr about his involvement with the postcards on the questionnaire she sent him.