Morning Digest: Two final polls have Roy Moore far ahead in today’s Alabama Senate GOP runoff

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Leading Off

AL-Sen: We have some last-minute polls of today’s GOP Senate runoff in Alabama, and they both point to a clear win for former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. Cygnal gives Moore a 52-41 edge against appointed Sen. Luther Strange, while the GOP pollster Trafalgar Group has him up 57-41. Indeed, as of Monday evening, every single poll that’s been released has shown Moore ahead, and even Strange’s best poll—which was paid for by his free-spending allies at the Senate Leadership Fund—still found Moore with 41-40 edge last week.

It’s worth noting that both of these late polls were in the field Saturday and Sunday, just after none other than Donald Trump held a rally for Strange in Huntsville on Friday night. Strange has been tying himself to Trump as closely as possible, and the senator and his supporters have been hoping that Trump’s popularity with the Republican rank-and-file will help him make up badly needed ground. However, Trump’s event didn’t exactly serve as a rallying cry for Alabama Republicans to back Strange.

In addition to going off on tangents against NFL players and North Korea, Trump told the crowd that he “might have made a mistake” backing Strange, perhaps the oddest thing an endorser could possibly say. Trump did argue that Moore could actually give Democrat Doug Jones an opening in the December general election if the former judge won the nod, but he still called both GOP candidates “good men,” and Trump pledged to stump for Moore if it came down to it. That’s probably not a very persuasive message for Trump-loving Republicans who might be on the fence about Strange.

In any case, we’ll find out very soon if the polls are right, or if the only poll that matters in this race really is on Election Day. The polls close at 8 PM ET tonight, and Daily Kos Elections will begin our liveblog then. We’ll also be live-tweeting the results as well. We hope you’ll join us for what will be an eventful night no matter what happens.