Moore campaign staffers ‘physically manhandle’ Fox News crew to block all candidate questions

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Sexual predator Roy Moore only wants to be seen by certain people at certain places and none of those include being seen by the media. So after 11 days of being totally MIA on the campaign trail, Moore’s campaign staffers pulled a misdirection Monday night at a campaign rally in Henager, Alabama, that got physical. Fox News writes:

Organizers told the media that Moore was expected to use the front entrance at the Henagar Community Center and the cameras were stationed outside, Fox News’ Jonathan Serrie reported. Moore instead used a side entrance.

Camera crews and reporters attempted to see the candidate as he made his way into the building. And that point, two men “decided to push the cameras back and physically manhandle two Fox News photographers,” Serrie told Shannon Bream, host of “Fox News @ Night.”

A Fox News producer stepped in and told the two staffers not to touch the cameras.

Guess we shouldn’t be all that surprised that Moore’s staffers are manhandling people. And just to be clear, this wasn’t a media scrum. It was one camera crew being physically blocked by staffers from getting a shot or asking any questions of the candidate. Inside the hall, Moore proceeded to rail against sodomy, homosexuality, abortion, and transgender rights, but declined to take questions from anyone—attendees and reporters alike—after his speech. Guess he’s a little touchy about his molestation scandal.  

After keeping a low profile for nearly two weeks and letting surrogates do his work, Moore’s standings may have improved in the race.

A new Change Research survey in Alabama finds Roy Moore (R) has regained his lead over Doug Jones (D) in the U.S. Senate race, 49% to 44%.

“What has changed? The largest difference is turnout: many Republicans who ten days ago said they might not vote, now say they plan to show up on Election Day and vote for Moore.”

Give Democrat Doug Jones a $3 boost toward turning this ruby-red Alabama Senate seat blue. This race is totally up in the air and every penny counts!