Midday open thread: Primates in Peril list released; Bundy nixes bail; Balinese flee volcano

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Today’s comic by Ruben Bolling is Trump takes on fat-cat teachers and their tax avoidance schemes:

Cartoon by Ruben Bolling - Trump takes on fat-cat teachers and their tax avoidance schemes

List of 25 most endangered primates released: The biennial list of Primates in Peril is created by the Primate Society of Great Britain, which just celebrated its 50th anniversary this week. Of the more than 700 known species and subspecies of apes, lemurs, monkeys, and other primates, 62 percent are threatened and 42 percent are categorized as Endangered or Critically Endangered.

Dr. Christoph Schwitzer, director of conservation at Bristol Zoological Society and the deputy chair of the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group, served as lead editor for the Primates In Peril report. While he acknowledged that the report “makes for alarming reading,” he said that “it is vital that we use it to highlight the desperate conservation need for so many primate species, many of which are on the very brink of being lost to extinction.”

Cliven Bundy refuses bail:

A federal judge offered to release a rancher and states’ rights figure from custody during his trial on charges involving an armed standoff that stopped a government cattle roundup three years ago in Nevada.

But Cliven Bundy refused to leave jail while others are still behind bars awaiting trial in the case.

Bundy, 71, didn’t state his reason in court Wednesday. But his wife, Carol Bundy, noted in a courthouse hallway that two other sons, Mel and David Bundy, are approaching two years in federal detention.

John Conyers hospitalized for stress, says family spokesman. 

Bali residents evacuating from area around erupting Mt. Agung: Nearly 50,000 people have fled the area, but some 100,000 remain in the danger zone in the 10 kilometer radius around Mt. Agung. The volcano last erupted in 1963, killing at least a thousand people, ruining the rice harvest, and lowering the world’s temperatures by 0.1 to 0.2 degrees Celsius for a year. Scientists expect a similar consequence from this eruption.

Outside Bali, scientists are waiting to see how the volcano affects the earth’s temperature. “Most eruptions do not have a meaningful climate impact, and so the risks associated with the eruption are limited to the nearby population,” Chris Colose, a NASA climate scientist told Vox. “For climate, the big thing to pay attention [to] isn’t the ash but the sulfur emissions.” Sulfur dioxide reacts in the sky in such a way that it scatters sunlight and cools the planet.


According to the Tax Policy Center (TPC), in 2027 taxes would be raised slightly on average for the bottom 40 percent. According to the Joint Committee on Taxation, in 2027 households making under $75,000 would see their taxes increase on average. These increases on the bottom 40 percent would help finance very large tax cuts for the richest households and big corporations. As the figure shows, TPC finds that in 2027 the Senate tax plan delivers 62 percent of its benefits to the top 1 percent, households that currently have income of $730,000 or more.

U.S. sailors suffering variety of serious ailments after Fukushima humanitarian mission:

[A] healthy group of young service men and women – many in their 20s – have come down with serious health problems since serving on a humanitarian mission to Fukushima, Japan, following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that led to a nuclear meltdown of the Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TepCo) nuclear power plant.

Service members have faced cancer, brain tumors, birth defects, and other rare health problems since being exposed to radiation from the Fukushima plant. Some have even died.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: The Trump “Friends & Family” tax heist rumbles on, and the once-champions of “regular order” are nowhere to be found. More and more people wake up to Trump’s mental illness, even offering “I-word” explainers. More on O’Keefe’s history of sex predation.

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