Midday open thread: Mistletoe, an EPA hearing, and a Nazi story

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Today’s comic by Tom Tomorrow was Checking in:


In case you missed it on Sunday Kos …




● Who thought it was a good idea to hang mistletoe around Donald Trump?

● If your Nazi story is bad, kill the story.

Every reporter has stories they wish they could have back. (It would be a shame if the inhabitants of this shebeen would Google some of the stuff I wrote about John Edwards back in the day.) But a newspaper is a collaborative effort. It is the job of editors to recognize when a story isn’t there—and especially so if, as Lacey claims, the story goes through multiple drafts and it still isn’t there, and especially so, as in this case, the paper has the reporter write an explainer about how the story wasn’t there.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: Roy Moore is still out there. Also looming: the Trump Friends & Family tax “plan.” Will they find the votes, or push it back again? Conyers quits committee post. Who’ll replace him? And who’s running the CPFB? Nazi puff pieces? *Chef kissing fingers!*

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