Math is very hard for Donald Trump

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Watching the wheels grind along in Donald Trump’s brain via his tweets is particularly painful when it comes to the Senate and legislative procedure and, well, math.


The yes vote in the hospital is apparently Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS), who isn’t in the hospital but has been sick, but also isn’t the reason that they couldn’t have a Trumpcare vote. They couldn’t have the vote because there plain wasn’t support for it. Which he still is struggling to comprehend, as the next tweet demonstrates.


The deadline for passing Trumpcare with just 50 votes is actually Saturday, not Friday. But Trump isn’t going to even think about anyone working on a Saturday, so. 

But he’s still got a problem that has nothing to do with the filibuster. There. Are. Still. Not. 50. Republican. Votes. For. This. Awful. Bill. Which is why it’s not even making it to the floor. This presidenting stuff is very complicated.