Keith Ellison’s Loss Leaves A Sour Taste For Progressives

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Chris Berry / Reuters

ATLANTA — One of the protesters in the Atlanta Convention Center, angry and upset over the vote, directed his chants at the atrium full of Democrats.

“Party for the people!” Curtis Ries yelled. “Party for the people!”

Tom Perez’s narrow victory over Keith Ellison in election to chair the Democratic National Committee — a race progressives considered an urgent existential choice between the “establishment” and “grassroots” — did not spur the massive backlash DNC officials feared in the end. But Ellison’s defeat did leave some young, liberal activists with new disdain, as 28-year-old Ries put it, for “institutional leadership” — for the party, for elected officials, the 447 DNC members with a say in the chair.

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