Jefferson Sessions, attorney general and Most Precious Snowflake, can only speak in a ‘safe space’

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Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is set to make a speech at Georgetown University. The topic of that speech: free speech. The environment of the speech: anything but.

More than 130 students who had followed official channels to register for a seat in the auditorium were told they could attend, Lauren Phillips, a student at the school, wrote in an email Monday night. But the students were later suddenly uninvited because they were not part of a group that, Phillips believes, would ensure a sympathetic audience.

The attorney general of the United States, in a speech at a major university on the topic of “free speech,” is requiring a sympathetic audience scoured of any student who might object to anything he says. That’s despite the fact that in applying for these seats the students agreed not to disrupt Sessions’ speech. It’s a level of delicacy that makes snowflakes look like cast iron.

… students “find it extraordinarily hypocritical that AG Sessions would lecture future attorneys about the importance of free speech on campus while actively excluding the wider student body…”

It’s no coincidence that this comes at the same time that Donald Trump is actively attacking athletes who want to use their free expression to highlight racial inequality in the justice system. The Trump regime is attempting to redefine “free speech” as “speech that supports Trump.”