Jared gets more time to produce Russia documents … including those connected to dossier ‘Source D’

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After forgetting to mention doing White House business on a personal email account, and forgetting to mention his personal contacts with a Russian Mafia ‘godfather,’ forgetting to mention his knowledge of contacts between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks, forgetting to mention a ‘Russian backdoor overture,’ and producing a background check document with a level of mistakes no one had ever seen before … maybe it’s a good thing that Trump son-in-law/adviser Jared Kushner is getting a little more time to produce documents on his contacts with Russia.

Campaign Action

Jared Kushner got a reprieve from the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday and will not have to meet the November 27 deadline for handing over documents related to his Russia contacts during the 2016 presidential election, officials told Newsweek.

The deadline was apparently re-set to the tenth of never, as the Senate Judiciary Committee under Chairman Chuck Grassley has decided to work directly with Kushner’s attorneys to get the information they asked for rather than embarrassing poor Jared for being such a miserable, lying, screw-up.

Kushner’s attorneys had initially pushed back on the follow-up request for additional material in a scathing rebuke that condemned the committee for making the issue a “media event” by releasing its letter publicly.

But, if it’s not an inconvenience to Jared, the committee would like to see information about his conversations with a man named Sergei Millian. Millian is the supposed head of the “Russian American Chamber of Commerce,” but that organization is interesting—both for its ties to the Russian government, and for ties to Donald Trump.