It’s Sunday, so let’s see if Donald Trump has announced a new war over Twitter

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Because the current leader of our nation is insane, part of our new civic duties has been to check in on President Tire Fire’s twitter feed each weekend in an attempt to measure the rough probability that the raving nutjob will do something catastrophic before Monday ever has a chance to rub its eyes and grab a cup of coffee. We don’t know what it is about weekends that sets Donald Trump off, but it is reliable. It may be that he gets angry about his golf scores, putting him in a foul mood for the rest of the weekend. It may be that the person who responds to the “bring me a soda” button on his Oval Office desk has weekends off, dooming him to get his own damn sodas during the dark times of Saturday and Sunday. We don’t know.

This weekend’s tantrums have been varied and robust. He began by threatening to crash the American health insurance markets in a fit of personal pique.


He once again squawked about his election victory like a Very Angry Parrot; our first guess is that this one is in response to Reince Priebus getting talked about in insufficiently negative terms on his television, our second, third, and fourth guesses are also that he saw something that upset him on television.


The news that North Korea staged another missile test led our nation’s leader to tweet-pout against China: