Franken, Conyers, and all sexual harassers in Congress should resign

[ Originally published on this site as post ]

Earlier this week, I wrote about site policy regarding the avalanche of revelations of rampant sexual harrassment in the political world. As I said at the time:

Now there are legitimate debates around the issue. For example, should Franken resign? He’s apologized, his victim has accepted the apology, and has said she doesn’t want him to quit the Senate. Is that enough? Some might argue yes, others no, that we should have a zero tolerance policy for such behavior. That’s a legitimate debate.

I didn’t delve into that debate then, because I wanted to focus on site policy. But here’s what I, personally, think: All elected officials with credible accusations of sexual harassment should resign. Period. That means popular vote loser Donald Trump and Roy Moore. But that also means Rep. John Conyers, Sen. Al Franken, and every other politician who has been unable to comport to basic standards of human behavior, no matter how much we might otherwise like them. Expose them all, and cut that rot out of our government.