Even Fox News agrees: 79 percent polled support citizenship for undocumented immigrant youth

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We all know that Fox News is real news. CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, even that Saturday Night Live Weekend Update, all fake. Fake, fake, fake. Fox News is real news. That’s it, folks. Trust nothing else:

Large majorities of voters favor granting work permits or citizenship to illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as children, according to the latest Fox News poll.

Sixty-two percent say it is extremely or very important Congress pass immigration law that will address the Dreamers. Voters think this is more important than passing new health care (58 percent important) or tax reform legislation (52 percent).

… Overwhelming majorities favor granting work permits (86 percent favor vs. 12 percent oppose) and U.S. citizenship (79-19 percent) to illegal immigrants under the age of 30 brought here as children, provided they pass a background check.

And that support extends beyond Dreamers: “The poll finds a record-high 83 percent of voters support setting up a system for all illegal immigrants who are currently working in the country to become legal residents,” notes real news Fox News, “up nine points since last year. Just 14 percent say ‘deport as many as possible.’”

Sarcasm aside, Fox News just confirms what basically every other poll out there has already confirmed. In a Trump era where it’s hard to get nearly 90 percent of American voters to agree on anything, Americans overwhelmingly believe undocumented immigrant youth should be able to stay, work, and live in the only country they know as home. Even Fox agrees.

And if Congress would just allow the bipartisan Dream Act to come to a vote, it could pass.