Embattled Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigns

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Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has been extremely effective at dismantling the Affordable Care Act from the inside, but not good enough to shield him from the  consequences of his well-established grifting ways. A little insider trading while he was in the House of Representatives was one thing, and that was easily overlooked. But he’s proved just too swampy for Donald Trump. Or too public in his swampiness. He’s out.


It was probably just as much about Trump’s rage over another Trumpcare failure as Price’s grifting. Because, seriously, grifting is going to bother Trump?

It remains to be seen if Wright will be as evil and creative as Price has been in flouting the law of the  land when it comes to Obamacare. But it does mean one less grifter to kick around. It shouldn’t mean he’s off the hook for reimbursing taxpayers for all that fancy travel, though.