Don’t worry! The White House is on the case of the White House’s use of private email

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This probe will definitely be real. Those White House foxes will be all over the White House chicken coop, I’m sure.

The White House has launched an internal probe of private email use, pulling batches of emails on the White House server to and from private accounts of senior aides, according to four officials familiar with the matter. […]

Of particular interest is [Jared] Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s private email domain, because they still work in the White House, two officials said. Accounts of other White House officials also are being reviewed.

The probe could take several weeks or even months to complete, according to one of these people, as officials are searching for all emails sent or received about government business. The White House counsel’s office is reviewing the accounts to determine whether the messages are germane to any investigations such as the ongoing Russia probes by Congress and special counsel Robert Mueller, one of these people said.

News about the private email accounts caught many White House lawyers by surprise, one of these people said, and infuriated a number of White House officials.

Yes, undoubtedly those infuriated officials will get real far investigating Daddy’s little girl and her hubby. Now, Gary Cohn, Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus—the others who have been identified as using private email? They’re gone or half-gone already and could certainly be thrown to the wolves.

Don’t expect much to come of this probe, though. It’s more likely intended as an exercise in finding out exactly what Mueller is going to be able to get his hands on for the purposes of defense than accountability.