Democratic redistricting effort brings in nearly $11 million in six months

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The group formed by President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder to make a major legal and legislative redistricting push to undo GOP gerrymandering brought in about $10.8 million since its formation late last year. The strong start for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee fueled by big and small donors alike will be aimed at a top-to-bottom strategy for reformulating electoral districts across the nation to be more fair, writes Politico:

Democrats are hoping that the group will be able to coordinate efforts between activists and interest groups in prioritized state legislative and governor’s races for the next round of redistricting after the 2020 census, as well as being the home of legal challenges on the state level and at the Supreme Court. That’s an enormous array of ambitious activities, in which they’ll be going up against well-funded interests across the country. In most states, it is expected to be a major uphill battle to change the balance of power that could change the maps.

But people involved say their start has them feeling confident.

“The NDRC’s significant fundraising in its first six months will allow us to take on gerrymandering and reform our electoral system,” Holder said. “This will be done through our courts, at the ballot box, and through support of ballot initiatives that create non-partisan commissions and other electoral reforms.”

With any luck, Republicans will continue sputtering along just in time to depress their base for the 2018 and 2020 elections. And maybe Donald Trump will succeed in completely tearing apart the GOP too.