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It’s Friday, and to be honest, I don’t see the point in discussing anything other than that book that makes Trump look like a dumbass.

Apparently it’s already sold out, and I don’t have a copy. But you know I was never going to read it, anyway. What fun is that? The fun is in watching other people laugh until they vomit, then reading the passages they tweet around and seeing if it happens to us, too.

Then, we record that and post it on the Internets. Bam! Podcast ahoy!

“Podcast ahoy?”  What the hell? Like I said, it’s Friday.

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Podcasts! Am I right, people? Ha ha! I know, right!

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Bomb-Snownado! You thought you escaped chaos for just a moment… but now school’s snowed out! David Waldman helps us slip away for a while, to the relative calmness of Washington DC: Greg Dworkin finally digs his way out of the snow, etc., to begin his round-up of punditry on KITM for 2018. Did you know that The Donald isn’t cut out for the presidency? Hard to imagine, right? Michael Wolff tells us that Trump is uniformed, unprepared and lacking focus. But just because we know all that, should we believe this guy? Well, Wolff does have tapes. So, now we need to pick between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon? Can’t we just hate them both? The Mercers quit loving Steve. Donald and Steve quit loving—nah, Donald and Steve never have. Lawyers love Donald and Steve for a little while longer. Trump has hours to burn through today before he can golf again, so where will he go today to try to keep the charade going? If he was a stupid celebrity plutocrat from central casting, he might want to obstruct justice by leaking racist attacks to a gossip column. Mentioning child porn arrests in his voting commission would play against character though. Armando enjoys calling in for a rant on the failing New York Times way more than shoveling snow. There are many other news sources to go to as a newspaper of record. In fact, go to The Intercept to get a first-person inside account of reporter James Risen’s time at The Times. KITM correspondent Rosalyn MacGregor doesn’t get to read it out loud to you, but she recommends that you read a detailed update on the ongoing Flint Water Crisis.

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