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Well, at least it’s next Friday, right?

What? It’s only this Friday? Wow. It really feels like next Friday, already! I hate when that happens.

OK, fine. Let’s see if this Zombie Treasoncare disaster has wound itself down in the Senate. Looks like the warning flares we sent up about the conference gambit yesterday got noticed, and Republican Senators began to panic.

Good! F*#k them! They should be panicked! They’ve had their heads up their a$$*s for seven years, and only managed to stuff them even further up there in the past week, and I am here for that!

We’ll all be here—at least for now—so we might as well make the most of it.

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Thursday is a big day. For Donald Trump, half the day is getting ready for golfing, the other half having to do that non-golf stuff. For Washington it’s the Zombie TreasonCare Vote-a-Rama day. Republicans will write the bill over lunch. David Waldman prepares us for the procedural activities of the day. Which leg will the Senate cut off first? Senator Lisa Murksowski placed a no vote on Trumpcare, so now Alaska must pay, according to Trump henchman Ryan Zinke. Tony Mooch really doesn’t like these new leaks about him. The Pentagon thought we were on the brink of nuclear war there for about ten minutes, but for some reason they stopped. Jeff Sessions is happy to join Trump in the war on gays. David ponders which is worse, watching a Trump speech with the sound up, or the sound off.

(Thanks again to Scott Anderson for the show summary!)

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