Cybersecurity advisors resigned en masse due to Trump’s ‘insufficient attention’ to vulnerabilities

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With the deluge of bad news, especially Hurricane Harvey, you might have missed this important news item. Last week, one-quarter of the nation’s leading cybersecurity advisors walked off the job, resigning in a group letter. Their reason? Donald Trump and his administration are ignoring their dire warnings about our nation’s cybersecurity. From Defense One:

More than one-quarter of a panel tasked with advising the Homeland Security Department on cybersecurity and infrastructure protection resigned en masse Monday, citing President Donald Trump’s “insufficient attention” to the nation’s cyber vulnerabilities, among other complaints.

Resigning members of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council also cited the president’s failure to single out neo-Nazis and white supremacists for condemnation after a violent protest earlier this month in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“The moral infrastructure of our nation is the foundation on which our physical infrastructure is built,” the council members stated in a group resignation letter.

The resigning members are clearing sounding the alarm. Donald Trump and his administration are not responding to urgent national security matters and are ignoring advice from national security experts. From NextGov:

Historically, bipartisan membership of NIAC serves in the spirit of collaboration and with a shared interest in ensuring the security of our Nation’s infrastructure through public-private collaboration. Unfortunately, my experience to date has not demonstrated that the Administration is adequately attentive to the pressing national security matters within the NIAC’s purview, or responsive to sound advice received from experts and advisors on these matters.

Citing Trump’s vile remarks on Charlottesville and his decision to withdrawal from the Paris accord, they again cited the “insufficient attention” to cybsecurity threats:

You have given insufficient attention to the growing threats to the cybersecurity of the critical systems upon which all Americans depend, including those impacting the systems supporting our democratic election process.

Memo to America, incompetence is determined to strike within the United States.