Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday

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Energize an Ally Tuesday

Due to a collision of priorities, this week C&J shines the spotlight on two allies, one of them addressing a long-term problem with an exciting new initiative and the other addressing an immediate and worsening catastrophe.

Because you count on me to remind you of these things, let me be the first to say: “Happy Voter Registration Day!” (Or as Kris Kobach likes to call it, Nothing To See Here Please Move Along Day.) Last year over 750,000 Americans were registered on VR Day, and organizers are hoping to break that record handily today. It’s a good reminder to take a moment to make sure you’re registered to cast your vote against the Trumpbot horde at every available opportunity.

Last week the ACLU dropped a welcome bombshell on the voter rights front. Because their membership quadrupled and contributions poured in after Trump was sworn in, they’re now fully funded and ready to launch a 50-state initiative called Let People Vote:

In all 50 states and the District of Columbia, People Power activists will play a crucial role in campaigning for voting rights policies tailored to their state.

ACLU "Let people Vote" graphic
Fired up and ready to go.

These actions include restoring the right to vote for people with prior criminal convictions; creating independent, nonpartisan redistricting commissions; enacting early voting periods; and implementing automatic voter registration, online voter registration, and Election Day registration.

Activists will also be fighting back against voter suppression laws, like the unnecessary and discriminatory photo ID requirements, that have been pushed by Kobach and others. While Trump tries to quash voting rights, People Power is taking action to expand access to the ballot and make our democracy more representative.

The campaign launches this Sunday, October 1st in—where else?—Kris Kobach’s Kansas.

Normally I would send you to our featured ally’s donation page, but the ACLU has plenty of money to work with at the moment. But poor Puerto Rico sure doesn’t. There are over 3 million Americans living—no, more like barely existing—on the hurricane struck territory (it should be our 51st state by now) of the United States. President Trump and Republicans in Congress are all but ignoring their frantic pleas for help. This is Trump’s Katrina. He is fucking this up, folks. He’d rather call black athletes sons of bitches than deploy adequate rescue teams.


So please give what you can to Puerto Rico relief. Virtually the entire Island is still without power, 60 percent still don’t have potable water, and they’re going to need Herculean support from us just to improve their situation to “barely-livable” status. Daily Kos goddess Denise Oliver Valez recommends donating to the Hispanic Federation’s “Unidos” campaign. The link to their donation page is here. (In the lower right-hand corner is a drop-down menu marked “I would like to designate this gift for”—choose “Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief.”) What happened to Houston and Florida was a nightmare. What Puerto Rico is going through is a nightmare on steroids. Let’s show ‘em they’re not forgotten.

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