Cartoon: Peak satire moonshot

[ Originally published on this site as post ]

Here’s a little peek inside my brain. Week after week, I strive to stay one step ahead of the satire curve but reality quickly catches up with absurdity. It’s a fast-moving target these days as satire goes from imagined to the real world all too quickly.

Who would think that we’d see a president riffing in front of 40,000 Boy Scouts about sex and politics? Who would think we’d see a president savaging his attorney general on social media, or urging the military to do his political bidding? See, it’s probably not that far fetched that Trump’s caddy would become the new attorney general.

And for late-breaking news, surely it is some sort of dog whistle, and not pure coincidence, that Donald Trump would eliminate transgender people from the military on the very day that President Truman integrated the armed forces back in 1948! Enjoy the absurdity of my cartoon, before it becomes reality. (And in the meantime, stop by and go behind-the-scenes with me on Patreon.)