Ben Stiller and Sense8: The Week in Pop-Culture Writing

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Will Ben Stiller’s Characters Ever Grow Up?
Bilge Ebiri | Vulture
“He is a fascinating in-between type—a man who has often assumed the responsibilities of being an adult without achieving the emotional maturity required of it. That makes him an ideal Everyman: Does any grown-up ever really feel like a grown-up? … That’s the secret of Ben Stiller’s success: He connects with a universal sense of inadequacy within us all.”

Sex, Lies, and Videotape
Niela Orr | The Baffler
“The celebrity sex tape has the appearance of being one of the last unmediated forms of content in the post-NDA, Instagram-regulated, screencap-documented entertainment world. Now celeb sex tape scandals are a kind of thermometer for the larger cultural feelings around a person