Austin mayor: Trans people banned from military ‘are welcome on our police force’

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It takes some real nerve to dodge the draft five times and then try and block Americans who actually do want to serve in the military just because they’re trans, but that’s exactly what Donald Trump has done.

The popular vote loser’s edict-via-tweet “seemed to come as a shock to the Pentagon,” noted Slate, “which was already moving forward, albeit slowly, with plans to lift the ban.” And when you’re thumbing out orders via 140 characters, there are no real plans about, you know, what happens to the thousands of trans Americans who are already openly serving. The whole thing may not even stand up in court. Maybe he did it to shore up his base? Or maybe he did it because he’s an asshole.

Regardless, the patriotism, work ethic, and bravery that Donald Trump is so eager to deport out of the U.S. military and throw away with both totally normal-sized hands has already been offered a new home in one of the largest cities in Texas:

In the first of a series of three tweets, Mayor Steve Adler said, “If you’re qualified to keep our country safe you’re qualified to keep Austin safe. Transgender Americans are welcome on our police force.” Adler continued, tweeting that Austin is the “safest big city in Texas” due to its respect for people’s differences. He also tweeted out a link to the application website for Austin Police Department: “If you get kicked out of the service because you’re transgender, please apply to join our police force.” 

In fact, while Republican state legislators are busy pumping out hateful and bigoted legislation that directly targets Texas’s trans population Alex Nguyen with Latinos, immigrants, even orphans, Austin’s leaders are taking progressive steps by expanding trans representation in the police department and covering trans services in the health care plan for city employees.

And last month, the city sued the state over the racist “show me your papers” legislation, a draconian bill that puts a target squarely on the backs of nearly 40 percent of Texas’s population because they might “look illegal.” To quote a sign at a recent protest against the Republican-led, anti-trans “bathroom bill”:  “Y’all means all.”