As Texas reels from Harvey, Trump may tear DACA from 120,000 immigrant youth in the state

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As Donald Trump boasts about visiting a hard-hit Texas despite proposing a budget that makes cuts to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in order to fund his immoral border wall that Mexico will never pay for, he may also be set on tearing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) from an estimated 120,000 undocumented immigrant youth in the state. The Dallas Morning News Editorial Board earlier this year:

The Center for American Progress estimates that the Texas economy would lose $6.1 billion annually if 100,000 workers were deported.

If they’re deported, they no longer will pump money back into their communities. They won’t pay taxes, or buy and sell goods. They may not be able to pay back loans for mortgages, cars and higher education.

We understand the desire to be tough on illegal immigration. But targeting these young immigrants is misguided. They did not choose to be brought here, and now that they’re here, they contribute mightily to the Texas economy.

Texas is home to the second-largest group of DACA recipients in the nation. “About 55,000 of them own vehicles. They pay taxes and buy and sell goods. Many of them are in college.” Above all, they call Texas home, and to strip them of their DACA—which allows them to work legally and live free from the fear of deportation—after five years would go down as one of the most shameful days in our nation’s history.

“It would be heartless and self-defeating to deport thousands of achievers making positive contributions to their communities,” states the editorial board. “Texas needs them.”