As House Democrats launch DREAM Act discharge petition, activists occupy GOP offices to demand vote

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As House Democrats yesterday launched a discharge petition to bypass Paul Ryan’s legislative cowardice and finally bring the bipartisan Dream Act to the floor for a vote, immigrant youth, families, and their allies flooded Republican congressional offices today to demand lawmakers act to defend both undocumented youth and immigrants protected by Temporary Protected Status (TPS). 

In many instances, activists were able to share their stories with both legislators and staffers. But in others, they were physically removed by police—this happened to immigrant youth at the office of Sen. Marco Rubio—and at other times weren’t even allowed in offices at all. Outside the Capitol building, several Democratic lawmakers joined the activists in support.


“If House Republicans gave the bipartisan DREAM Act an up-or-down vote, we know it would pass,” said Leader Nancy Pelosi, one of the more than 170 House members to sign the discharge petition so far, with House Democrats reportedly working on getting all members of the caucus signed on by this week. “Our nation’s patriotic young DREAMers are an inspiration to us all, and Congress has a moral responsibility to defend them by immediately passing the bipartisan DREAM Act.”