Alabama: Today is the last day to register to vote. It’s Doug Jones, hero, vs Roy Moore, pedophile

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If you live in Alabama, today is the last day to register to vote in the upcoming special election. It will decide whether the newest United States Senator from your state will be the the man who put Klansman in jail for murdering children or the child molester.

Voters can register during normal office hours at board of registrars’ offices and and other designated locations in their counties. Or they can register online until 11:59 p.m. today.

So if you live in Alabama and have an opinion about that, go to this site and register.

The question posed by the election is apparently, for Republicans, existential. Both  Roy Moore supporters and Roy Moore detractors in the party have framed the political debate as a clear choice: Would you rather have an actual child molester in office—or someone from the other party? This is apparently a profound and difficult choice. Republican leaders and functionaries continue to be at odds with each other over whether installing a child molester and serial predator as their newest Republican senator would be worth it if the child molester is willing to vote with the party to cut corporate taxes.

You would think that this is a joke, or a philosophical what-if scenario presented to demonstrate to students what true public corruption looks like. Nope. Alabama Republican leaders and supposed “evangelical” Moore backers alike are all struggling with whether Child Molestation Is Really That Bad, if it helps cement party or church power. Those people are monsters.

But it’s up to Alabama and Alabama alone. If you usually sit elections out, now would be a fine time to decide what it is you stand for, and what precisely you can or cannot bear. If you are a devoted Republican, make your choice. Decide what you stand for, and decide what Alabama ought to stand for. If you are a Democrat or nonpartisan, show up on election day or shut up, forever, about your own so-called principles. Register today, and vote on the 12th. That’s all there is to it.

For the rest of us? You can still donate to Doug Jones, allowing him to get his message out to every last Alabama voter. At the very least, do that.