Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Trump is a racist, Trump is a racist, and Trump is a racist

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It seems clear that Donald Trump’s goal is to degrade the discourse of America until the average Sunday morning political talk hour sounds like one of those cut-rate Sopranos imitators that believes the best way to ‘realistic’ dialog is simply using the f-word for every word. 

What conservatives think is “kitchen table talk” would certainly make me lose my appetite. What they pass off as “locker room talk” would make me shower at home. 

Thanks to Trump, every headline, news program, and late night host in the nation has had to deal with terms that are generally reserved for those who have recently hammered their own thumbs. Or those who think talking like a bad movie tough guy makes them sound like an actual tough guy.

But it’s not the crudeness that’s the issue. Or, well, it is partly the crudeness. But the bigger point is that the crudeness only serves to amplify the racism and sexism of Trump’s statements. It’s not enough for him to make declarations that he’s a racist who thinks that African nations consist only of huts half-submerged in disease-ridden swamps, and a sexist who believes that women are nothing but a collection of grabbable parts. He says it loudly. He tosses on the literally foul language just to be sure you heard what he said. He’s not just a racist, he’s a RACIST. He’s not just a sexist, but a SEXIST. Did you get that? Good.

Unrepentant doesn’t cover it. He’s smugly proud.

The other thing the last few days have done is remind us again just who the Republicans are. They are the people who want power so badly, that they will go anywhere to get it. There’s no “too far,” No “too low.” No “too much.”

Forget the fact for a moment that Donald Trump in his racist spit fit maligned most of the planet. The justification that he’s using for this is that the Democrats brought him a plan to address DACA that was so awful, he couldn’t help but shout his frustration. Except it wasn’t a Democratic plan. It was a bipartisan plan. The Republicans who were in that room when Trump took another match to the respect the world once held for America, were the co-authors of that plan.

And when he blamed his whole explosion on the plan that they wrote … the Republicans bowed their heads and slunk away. It’s hard to expect Republicans to stand up for women, or to stand up for people of color, when they won’t even stand up for themselves.

Don’t expect anything better from them when Robert Mueller drops charges on their desks. 

Okay, it’s pundit time. Come on in.