Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Sifting through the Trump rubble

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Andy Slavitt/USA Today with a ‘what if it were bipartisan’:

Support for the Graham-Cassidy bill — including from Republicans — was weak and getting weaker as more details spilled out and more last-minute changes were made. So far, seven Republican governors have spoken out against the bill and many Republican Medicaid directors signed a letter condemning it further.

In fact, the further away from Washington you get and the closer to patient care, the worse the bill looks. It’s been pilloried by groups that represent patients, physicians, hospitals and insurers. They say it will “undermine safeguards,” “millions of patients will lose their coverage,” and it will make coverage “more expensive.” Equally damning, they label the bill “not workable.” And for all these flaws, it’s the highly partisan approach that would do in the bill and its sponsors.