A shoutout for Vice President Mike Pence, the dull-eyed liar’s lapdog

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If you’re going to fault Vice President Mike Generic-Brand Mayonnaise Substitute Pence for something, and I heartily recommend you do, you could fault him for his grinning advocacy for religious rule in the United States. You could fault him for his dull, uninspired promotion of conservative economic theories that had proven ineffective before Mike Pence ever found his way to office, or his thoroughly generic battles against the working class of his state, and the poor, and the usual enemies of Republican thought.

You could do that. But consider, instead, faulting him for being such a pathetic person as to blindly follow Donald Trump, a true garbage fire of a man, by regurgitating whatever lies Donald Trump wants regurgitated. Mike Pence is truly a liar’s lapdog, and that is about as low as a person can sink.

During a speech at the Tax Foundation’s annual dinner, Pence made a claim that tops them all. After rattling off a series of Trump’s initiatives to “get the economy moving again,” Pence declared, “There are more Americans working today than ever before in American history.”

Because the population is greater. That’s it. The workforce is greater than it was in 1980 or in 1860 or in 1692 because There. Are. More. People. Now. Mike Pence is willingly repeating one of the hoariest economic dodges in political rhetoric—a claim usually made by political hacks who are absolutely, positively convinced their audience is made up of morons.

Given that Pence made his bold pronouncement at a Tax Foundation dinner, well, there ya go.

Anyhoo, the Washington Post’s fact-checking team weighed into this. They are unimpressed with Pence.