6 reasons for media’s obsession with Trump voters

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Ever since the 2016 presidential campaign and election, some media outlet somewhere in America is publishing, posting, printing or airing an interview with Donald Trump supporters.

It could be an NPR host calling one of the many Trump voters they must have on speed dial (Googling “NPR Trump voters” gives you story after story of the endless supply of Trump-voter interviews the radio network has aired). CNN regularly airs focus group interviews of Trump supporters, asking them about everything from Trump’s remarks about the Charlottesville white supremacist rally to his condemnation of the NFL kneeling protests to the Alabama Senate election to how they trust Facebook feeds more than traditional news outlets. CNN obviously believes that ignorance sells.

Take the latest entry from The Washington Post, which published, without a trace of irony or apology, “In a pro-Trump town, they never stopped saying, ‘Merry Christmas.’” You could basically sum up the story in five words: They like saying, “Merry Christmas.”

Hey, WaPo, 83.4 percent of the voters in my town of Oak Park, Illinois, turned out to vote in November 2016, and 85.6 percent of us voted for Hillary Clinton. And just like every other place in America, we’ve always wished one another, “Merry Christmas,” along with “Happy Holidays” when appropriate. That goes with our 42 houses of worship, including a Jewish temple, a Buddhist center, a Chinese Bible church, an Orthodox Syrian church, a Unitarian church designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and so many other denominations of Christianity, from Pentecostal to Catholic. I’m sure anyone here would be glad to give you an interview.

As John Pavlovitz, a North Carolina pastor and blogger of “Stuff That Needs To Be Said,” put it:

I’m a Christian. When someone says “Happy Holidays” to me I simply smile and reply, “To you as well.”

I don’t lecture them or insist they acknowledge Christmas in a way that makes me comfortable and them uncomfortable. I don’t use the moment to feign persecution or to get in a little jab in the name of Jesus.

Because I’m a Christian—and not a jerk.

I’m not sure why the media, especially those inside the Beltway, are so dedicated to the idea of leaving no Trump voter un-interviewed, but here are some theories.